login – change WIFI settings (ssid name, password) is a default IP address as an IP address consists of a total of four sets of numbers that range between 0 and 225. Since every device that is connected to the internet needs to have a unique address, in the default IP address, the first three sets are the network id whereas the last set is the device id. Herein,, the 10. is the network id and .0.1 is the device id. This belongs to the Class A of the private IP addresses thus accessing the login page of the private router control panel is possible through admin login.

It is used by the router manufacturing companies in the form of a default IP address so that the Admin Panel can be successfully accessed. In general, the admin default gateway is used for the Comcast branded wireless gateway plans syndicate Wi-Fi networking along with the standard cable.

Router’s information for routers successfully incorporate the ability to modify the default gateway. The individual decision of modifying the default gateway must be concerned with the networking specialist who is a specialist in this field so that the whole situation can be handled in a much healthier manner.

This approach should be initiated so that the associated risks can be reduced or avoided at least for instance the router that is ought to be either reverting to the original IP address or the loss of network connection and network of the router devices.

Logging into admin login is possible and easy and can be done through any web browser. All that is needed to be done is that it is the default getaway address for the device and is safely connected to the network. For a smooth login, it is also needed to ensure that there is minimum to no conflict in the network.

Once, everything is smoothly carried out, the following steps are to be followed thoroughly to log in:-

  • Open any browser be it Safari, Opera Mini, or Chrome
  • Type either or in the Url bar
  • A login page will be displayed that will comprise of username along with the password
  • Fill in the required credentials with the right information
  • Click on the login option after filling in the asked credentials. You will then be successfully logged into the router’s admin panel
  • Hence after that, modifying the normal and wifi settings will be easily possible

Troubleshooting of

Successful access to the Admin Panel through the admin login is not possible, then opt for the following steps to resolve the issue:-

  • You might have mistyped the IP address, for instance, you might have entered ‘O’ instead of ‘0’.
  • You might have entered either an extra digit or dot for which the computer fails to process your request
  • You might not be connected to the internet through an Ethernet cable for which you should try connecting it to the router via an Ethernet cable.

Using the IP address

Given that the admin wireless setting is a default IP address of a considerable number of the routers, accessing them and modifying their settings over the network is possible. By settings, it is generally meant that there will be setting a firewall in the network, opening up a range of ports, or assigning a primary device that will generally receive all the messages with the IP address.

Thus in terms of IP address,  administrators choose their routers for the respective business networks since it is convenient to remember. There are other numerous IP addresses for routers for example and

Purposes of

The local side of the connection is IP where the wireless access points usually connect to the internet. This address displays in the TCP/IP network gateway settings which are upon a client device joining a LAN or local area network. By using the ping utility, can be determined as to whether or not the device on the local network is using the or not.

Router’s default username and password

Looking for different sides of the router should be the first initiative if someone forgets the username and password of the router.

If this doesn’t work right then looking up the manual book can be a good approach, following up with searching with Google.

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