Admin, Username, Password, & Wireless settings

There are in total 4294967296 IPV4 addresses, and very few are memorable among them. One of the popular IP addresses among them is the router which is the default router. This router is a default router for every ADSL modem, basic router, Wi-Fi router, and other modems.

Also termed as the host address, this IP address is used for accessing the modem configurations and router configurations. It is also used by manufacturers and gateway companies to make changes in the router settings or design a router.

Through this piece of information, let’s today explore some basic details about the IP address including the Wi-Fi settings and other administrative information.

How to Login IP address?

Click below buttons to go to admin page or login page of Clicking below tables, you can access admin page and login page of your router and modem.


Default Username and Password

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin
  • Username: admin
  • Password: password
  • Username: *empty*
  • Password: admin

What is IP Address?

Before proceeding towards its settings and administration details, let’s first know what the IP address is. Every device, be it a computer or even a mobile, is connected with a particular computer network that uses an Internet Protocol for communicating with other devices. This connection is established through a numerical label, a short IP Address, and an Internet Protocol address. The IP address recognizes the device one wants to get connected to and establishes the path for the communication.

However, every IP address can’t get connected with the help of the public internet, and is one of them. This is the default IP address used by the Linksys routers is a 16-bit block address that includes addresses between to

The private addresses are mostly used by the Local area networks or LANs and are defined for delaying the IPv4 address collapse. As the private IP addresses are used without any prior approval from the regional internet registry, they permit any individual from houses to companies to install devices connected with the internet through the Network Address Translation or say NAT, which is a method of transmitting a public address to any computer within the private network. 

What are the routers that use the IP Address? is an IP address that is widely used by Linksys as a default IP address. Linksys is an American company that sells products regarding data networking hardware mainly for individuals working from home to small businesses. Some of the Linksys routers that use this IP address include BEFDSR41W-CG7500, BEFN2PS4, BEFSR11, E1000-EA9500, WAG120N-WRTSL54GS, etc. 

Steps to Login to the address:

The primary for logging in to this IP address is by typing the address into the browser. Simply go to the browser and type https//192.168. 1.1 and you are ready with the admin panel. Many people easily reach for the login, still, some fail to reach the interface. And the reason behind the failure is at the time of entering the password.

The majority of the people who fail are not aware of the password and hence, end up entering the wrong password. The rest fail because they don’t know the right way of typing the password. Is it 192.168.I.I or 192.168.I.1? And this leads to failure in login.

On failing to access the admin panel of the router with this IP address, you can also try using a different IP address like or

192.168.l.l or 192.168.l.1 ?

There are lot of users get confused with the ip address of Someone type 192.168.l.l while some people says its 192.168.l.1.

Wrong IP Addresses

  • 192.168.l.l
  • 192.168.l.1 | 192.168.1.l

Correct IP address 


What if you forget the username and password of the IP Address?

Oops, forgot the username or password of the IP address? Or they have stopped working? No need to worry. You can still recover them easily. Here are the steps to be followed.

  • Look for the box or manual, or check the backside of the router, or look for any default password and username list
  • In case you have forgotten or lost the password after changing, go for the factory reset option
  • For factor reset, look for the hidden small button named RESET on the backside of the router
  • Press the button and hold for nearly 10 to 15 seconds with the help of a needle or paper clip
  • By doing this, the router would reboot automatically and the default settings would be back

How to change the IP Address of the Router?

The default http// IP address is a gateway that is pre-assigned by the internet service provider. Still, a user can make changes in its IP address as per his requirements. Many people prefer changing the IP address to prevent the system from any bad actions carried out with the admin panel, DDoS attacks, or even for some additional security. Here is how you can change the IP address of the router. 

For TP-Link:

TPlink Router Login page

  • Log in with your username and password to reach your admin panel at https//192.168. 1.1
  • Click on Advanced Settings, Network, LAN
  • Under the field “IP Address” you can change the IP address and type your desired address for example
  • Save the IP address and the router would reboot to save the changes

For D-Link:

DLink Router Login

  • Open the configuration page by logging into your router
  • Click on Setup, Network Settings
  • On the Network Settings page, you shall get the IP address field for your router
  • Change the router address and save the changes


Netgear Router Login

  • Log in with your username and password to the NetGear router settings page through http://www.routerlogin.com or http://www.routerlogin.net or IP addresses namely or
  • The username here by default is admin and the password here is password
  • Once you are on the settings page, click on Advanced, from the left-hand side menu go to Setup, LAN setup
  • In LAN TCP/IP Setup, the IP Address is visible, change it to the preferred address such as
  • Click on Apply Changes and save the new address
  • Once you save the changes, the system would reboot automatically

If in case something goes wrong while changing the IP address, simply reset the router from default factory settings and all the changes would be restored.


Reset your Router

If nothing works, you can always reset your router to setup new username and password. Check out below, how to reset your wifi router.

reset router


Now that you are well aware of the IP address, Wi-Fi settings, and how to start with your routers, it is advisable to go for login so that you can easily work on exploring the admin panel and make changes in the IP address to ensure a safe and secure network. It is essential to protect the Wi-Fi network from any unauthorized access. And working on aspects like using a strong password, enabling WPA2 encryption, disabling WPS adds, enabling MAC-address, updating the router, etc. would surely help in protecting the network to a great extent.

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