List of Default Wifi Router IP Addresses 2022

Are you searching for the default IP address for your wifi router? check here for a detailed list of router wise default IP addresses. Mostly, you can find the default IP address behind the wifi router or in the wifi router manual. But if you don’t have either of them, you can find the default IP address for your wifi router here. We are covering all wifi routers here including TP-Link to D-Link and all other wifi routers.

What is the Default Router IP Address?

default router ip addressThe Default IP address of your wi-fi router is very important. All wifi routers have their default IP address, using that IP address, you can log in to the admin panel of the wifi router, you can change wifi router settings. Yes, that IP Address opens a login gateway for you to change all the settings of your wifi router. Like you can change wifi name, change wifi password, block a user from your wifi, hide your wifi from public use etc.

What is the default IP Address of My Wifi Router?

If you have not found your wifi router’s default IP address, check the below table to find out your wifi router’s IP address. Most of the wifi routers use and as their default IP addresses. But it can vary from company to company. Check out our list of default router IP addresses for all wifi router companies.
Wifi Router Brand Default IP Address
TP-Link Default IP address
D-Link Default IP address
Default IP address for NETGEAR
Linksys Default IP Address
Asus Wifi IP address
Belkin Wifi router IP address
US Robotics
Apple Wifi Router Default IP address

So, these are the default IP address for your wifi router. Hope our list will help you to log in to your wifi router’s admin panel.

FAQs related to Default Router IP Address

Q:- Do I need an internet connection to access my wifi router admin settings?

No, you don’t. you just need to connect your system with a wifi router and enter the IP address in the browser (google chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc), And it will open the login page of your wifi settings.

Q:- I lost my Wifi router manual, how to find the default wifi router IP address?

You can find your default IP address for router admin access from the above table.

Q:- I entered the correct IP address, yet was not able to access my wifi router admin, what to do?

You can either connect your system (laptop/mobile phone) with the wifi router or you can connect the wifi router and your system via a cable.

Hope our post will help you to find your default router IP address. If we have missed any brand to list above with their IP address, please comment below. Thank you!

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