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The Guest Wifi network is a feature of the router that permits networking without sabotaging the privacy of a person. This feature is now available and supported by several routers. The guest Wifi network is a feature that generates a distinct network that allows the guests to get access to the Wifi by creating a separate entry without getting access to the private files and folders of the owner of the router.

Step By Step Guide to Set up Guest Wifi Network

To set up and use the guest Wifi network, follow the given steps below:

Guest wifi networkStep 1:- The first step for setting up a guest Wifi network is to login into the router using the IP address and enter the IP address in any of the search bars of chrome, firefox, or any other web browser. 

Step 2:- Most common IP addresses are & for all Router companies, yet you can check if your router has a different IP address.

Step 3:- The second step is to login into the router using the credentials such as login information and password as an admin. Search for the guest network settings and if it cannot be detected easily then go for the wireless settings and look into it.

Step 4:- The third step is to enable the settings for the guest Wifi network. Some routers are different in settings. If you cannot find an enabling check box then look for a switch. The enable option will lead to a guest Wifi network named SSID. Choose a guest Wifi network name according to the preference or let the name be default as a guest. 

Step 5:- The fourth step is setting the password. Go to the security settings in order to set the password for the guest Wifi network. There is one point which should be noted that the password for the Wifi and guest Wifi network should be set differently. 

Step 6:- The final step is to save the settings. This step will give various settings options. Such as choosing the limited number of guests having the access to the guest Wifi network, steps on how to block users in WiFi and many more.

An individual can even enable the broadcasting option that will automatically display the availability of the guest Wifi network. And if a person is more concerned about the level of privacy and security then one can tell the password and Wifi name by themselves.

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How to Block Users on Wifi Network?

Although Wifi networks are well protected with alpha-numeric passwords, there is a huge possibility of a foreign device gaining access to your Wifi network, through rooting or some other Wifi breaching technique, without your knowledge. Altering your password in such a situation is quite an effective method to protect your Wifi network against these breachers, however, nobody could say for sure that these foreign devices won’t be able to penetrate the new security pattern once again. Therefore, to block Wifi users could be a permanent solution for an individual, without having to struggle with changing passwords again and again. The following Wifi router blocking methods are used all over the world and have proven their effectiveness to the general public: –

Blocking Users Through the ‘Fing’ Mobile Application

One of the easiest answers of how to block Wifi users from gaining access to your Wifi network is to install ‘Fing – Network Tools’ on your mobile device and alter your Wifi control options quite conveniently. Perks of using ‘Fing’ are: –

  • Fing provides you with an option to blacklist unrecognized and foreign devices in advance, even before they try to gain access to your network.
  • Fing offers you an option to receive device notifications and network security alerts, both on your mail address and phone.
  • Fing provides you with an option to present a list of devices using your network and in addition to that, you can manually block unwanted users from that very list.

Blacklisting the User Directly

To block the user on Wifi, few Wifi routers come with a feature called “Add to Blacklist”. Now, using this option, the owner of the router can directly add unwelcome guest devices, using the Wifi network data, to a blacklist with only a click.

This feature can be accessed by getting into the Device Management section in the Control Panel of the desktop. A second option could be found in the Access Point Dashboard that provides a list of devices that are connected to the Wifi network at that particular instant.

Next to the devices’ name, one can find the ‘Block User’ or ‘Add to Blacklist’ option, or something quite similar to those, that upon clicking, restricts that particular device from accessing your router data from that point onwards. This defensive method has been truly effective too.

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